Friday, October 9, 2009

CFRP & Automobile, Aircraft

Fig: Aircraft SU-47 BERKUT

Thick large-sized panel of a high-aspect swept-forward wing of the highly maneuverable aircraft made from high-modulus CFRP by automated lay-up technique with the use of special non-metallic moulding equipment. A kit of 4 panels (two upper panels and two lower panels):

A. Mass of one panel - no more than 250 kg

B. Plan size - more than 6500x2500 mm2

C. Thickness - more than 18 mm

Large panel thickness and overall dimensions, as well as stringent requirements placed upon the accuracy of the aerodynamic surface, render this development unique. High accuracy of the aerodynamic surface has been obtained.

Fig: IVW Develops World Record Racing Bike(1)

1. German bicycle manufacturer Canyon Bicycles GmbH, has developed a racing bike chassis of carbon fibre reinforced polymer with the Institut fuer Verbundwerkstoffe (IVW).

The lightweight Carbon Ultimate F10 bike boasts a total weight of only 1260 grams (for the frame and fork) and its high stiffness for the first time exceeded the cyclists magical limit of 100 of the stiffness to weight ratio, the so-called STW-coefficient.

The Carbon Ultimate F10 chassis received the coveted red dot award, the international trademark for quality of design, in the red dot design award 2005, one of the largest design competitions worldwide with more than 4000 applications from 40 countries.